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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

New Roxy Long-Haul Luggage | September 2018

Myself and my husband are going on holiday to Disney World in Florida in November and I have already started to think about packing! I have been using the same luggage for a while and wanted to have a change for this trip especially as it is long-haul with the potential for many different outfits as well as the need for additional shopping space!

I was doing some searching online and came across a brand called Roxy and just fell in love with the luggage range especially all the bright colours and patterns (makes it easier to see when waiting to pick up your luggage at airports)!

I decided upon the 'Roxy Long Haul Extra Large Wheeled Suitcase' in Rouge Red Mahna Mahna. I absolutely love the colour and the pattern and it definity helped that I managed to pick this up in the sale.

Although not available to purchase via their website anymore there are some very similar items available in a range of different patterns.

The Roxy Long Haul extra large suitcase is described as being 78 h x 37 w x 42 d cm and has two large compartments with double deck zip fastening with integrated address label and telescopic handle.

I have only just started to put some of my items in the suitcase ahead of our holiday but can already see that there is just so much space and different compartments that can be used.

As we are going to Disney World for the first time, I couldn't resist trying to get some of the special Cath Kidston X Disney products. Although the suitcase has an integrated address label, I fell in love with the Cath Kidston Mickey and Guards luggage tag and thought that it would be perfect for our holiday. It also had a matching pouch which was just the right size to fit both of our passports in.

At the moment, we are counting down the days until out holiday to Walt Disney World where I will be able to try out my new bag for the first time (currently less than 50 days to go).

fleur xo


Sunday, 16 September 2018

Lush GIANT Golden Wonder BathBomb | September 2018

As a big fan of bath bombs and especially the ones from Lush, I was so excited at Christmas time last year when a trip to London meant that I could pick up one of the giant Golden Wonder bath bombs from the Oxford Street store! Although it did mean that we had to carry it around with us for the rest of the day!!!

I had previously tried a normal size Golden Wonder bath bomb and absolutely loved it, so when I heard that they were bringing out a giant version I knew that it was something that I had to get. The size comparison between the two is amazing and I couldn't wait to see how it reacted. As an example to try and show the size difference, I found a photo that I took of the usual size version from last year. It definitely lived up to the name 'giant'. 

Golden Wonder bath bombs are usually available from Lush around Christmas time and are shaped to look like a wrapped present. It is advertised as including cognac, sweet orange and lime. 

Somehow nearly 9 months had passed since I picked it up and finally decided that it was time to try  it out. I used a little Lush Lord of Misrule shower cream with the bath (as I had done previously) and kept hoping that I hadn't left it too long and that it would still work!

I slowly placed it into the water and instantly it started to fizz and bubble and I knew I was in luck. I didn't have to wait long and the water was instantly starting to shimmer with gold glitter, followed shortly by the usual green/blue colours of Golden Wonder.

The bath bomb took much longer to dissolve, however that is to be expected as it is a giant version. The green/blue colours are absolutely amazing with the addition of elements of pink and yellow.

Once the majority had dissolved, you are left with a gorgeous white bow which continues to fizz until fully dissolved. You then have the most amazingly green bath water which glistens and shimmers with gold glitter. I did start to worry about the amount of glitter and whether I was going to look like I had been in a glitter explosion but surprisingly I wasn't as covered as I thought I would be!

If you ever get the chance to try a giant Lush bath bomb (especially Golden Wonder), do it, you won't be left disappointed. 

fleur xo


Saturday, 15 September 2018

Welcome to my Blog and my YouTube channel | September 2018

Hi everyone, 

Thank you for visiting my first blog. This is something that I have thought about getting into for a while so this is the first step towards creating something that I can use as a way of sharing my experiences. I am looking to blog about a wide range of areas such as lifestyle, holidays, travel and technology. 

I have also recently started a YouTube channel which mainly started off as a way of sharing our holiday videos but recently I have used it to start sharing my Drone flights. I don't have too many videos on my channel at the moment but I am looking to progress this. 

The majority of my videos are based upon sharing our holidays as I love to film all the different places that myself and my husband have visited. These include:
One of my favourite holiday videos on my YouTube channel is from our holiday to Norway (Tromso) last year where we experienced seeing the Northern Lights. I absolutely love watching this video back and still amazes me that we go to see the amazing phanonanom that is the Aurora Borealis. 

I will do another blog shortly about our Northern Lights experience and tips that we have learnt when trying to photograph/video them. 

I have also just purchased a DJI Spark Drone and have started to use my YouTube channel to share some of my footage from my Drone flights. 

My YouTube channel branding (logo and header) were created by my husband who is a Graphic Designer based in Essex – Dan Summers Design. 

My husband, Dan, also has a YouTube channel where he also has also shared videos of our holidays. Dan is very much interested in drones as well and has a Phantom 3. He is regularly uploading videos of his flights and I am incredibly proud of all the effort that he puts into this. 

I hope that this blog has given an insight into some of the areas that I really enjoy and will be looking to share more of this with you as I start to developing my blog. 

fleur xo

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