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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Odeon Limitless Review | March 2019

One of mine and my husbands favourite trips out is to go to the cinema and with the number of new films that were coming out we started to look into whether we should join a membership' scheme. After looking at a number of different options, we decided to go ahead with and join Odeon Limitless given that this was our most local cinema.

Odeon Limitless offers two types of membership, one that includes Central London locations and one that doesn't. The cost of the membership is £17.99 per month (excluding Central London) or £19.99 per month (including Central London). There are payment options for either a monthly direct debit or a 12 month up front payment which saves you 5%. For either option you have to sign up for a minimum of 12 months. All information regarding the membership options are detailed on the Odeon website including the list of cinema's that are classed as Central London.

We decided to go for the monthly plan and found it really easy to join with a simple online form to complete along with uploading a photo and making your first months payment. We were able to start enjoying the benefits of Limitless whilst waiting for our membership cards as Odeon provide you with a temporary card that you can print off at home.

We joined Odeon Limitless towards the end of 2018 and managed to see the following films in two months using our Limitless membership:
  1. A Star is Born
  2. Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald
  3. Widows
  4. Nutcracker
  5. Ralph Breaks the Internet
  6. Mortal Engines
  7. Aquaman
  8. Spider-Man into the Spider Verse
  9. Mary Poppins Returns
  10. Bumblebee
  11. Holmes and Watson

With this new found love of going to the cinema we set ourselves the goal of seeing 100 films in 2019. Two months into the year and we have seen 18 films so far which means that we are definitely on track to meet our target especially given the number of new films that are being announced at the moment for later in the year!

So far we have seen the following films using our Limitless membership. Some of these have included ScreenUnseen as well special Limitless showings.
  1. The Favourite
  2. Welcome to Marwen
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody (sing-a-long)
  4. Stan and Ollie
  5. Vice (ScreenUnseen)
  6. Colette
  7. The Upside
  8. Mary Queen of Scots
  9. Second Act
  10. If Beale Street Could Talk (ScreenUnseen)
  11. Green Book
  12. Alita Battle Angel (Limitless preview)
  13. Lego Movie 2
  14. How to Train Your Dragon
  15. Wild Rose (ScreenUnseen)
  16. Instant Family
  17. The Kid Who Would Be King
  18. The Aftermath
ScreenUnseen showings were new to us but are definitely something that we will continue to see. This is where you do not know what film you will be seeing and you only find out literally minutes before the film starts. Going to our first ScreenUnseen was very strange but we now enjoy trying to work out which film it could be beforehand. ScreenUnseen is defined by Odeon as being films that are guaranteed advanced previews and are films that Odeon believe will be a 5 star future classic. Tickets for ScreenUnseen are £5 (if booked in the cinema) or £5.75 when booked online and we have also been able to use our Limitless membership with these. One thing to note is that the tickets can go quite quickly especially the premier seats so if you are interested in seeing one of these showings then definitely try and book them as soon as you can. The Odeon twitter account is also really great for providing 4 clues ahead of each ScreenUnseen and we love seeing all the different guesses that are made. I don't think that we have once been able to work the clues out!

Another feature of the Limitless membership is that throughout the year there are special Limitless preview showings. We managed to see a 3D showing of Alita Battle Angel through this option where there were also interviews with the cast and directors prior to the showing of the film. These work slightly differently in that you have to apply for your tickets on the website (when a showing is announced) and then collect them when you arrive at the cinema using your Limitless card. There are no seats allocated so it is first come first serve. We turned quite early for Alita Battle Angel thinking that it might be quite busy however there was plenty of space available!

Another benefit of the Limitless membership is that you get 10% off selected food and drinks at the cinema. One of our favourite items to accompany our cinema trips is the Tango Iceblast (mix of flavours) and would definitely recommend these and of course we get to enjoy 10% off. 

If you want to keep up to date with the films that we see using our Limitless membership then you can follow my Twitter page where I am keeping a thread of all the films as well as providing an overview of our thoughts and a rating for each film. We are using #SummersAtTheCinema for all our film reviews. I have also set up a Pinterest board to record all the films that we have seen. 

I hope that this blog was useful to explain how the Limitless membership works and if you are thinking about joining, I would definitely recommend going for it as it is amazing how many films you can see and there are some amazing films coming out that you really wouldn't want to miss!

fleur xo

Sunday, 20 January 2019

#Hogwartsinthesnow Warner Bros Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter | January 2019

It had been many years since we had visited the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour in London and following our amazing day at Universal Studios as part of our holiday in Florida at the end of 2018, we thought it was time to revisit and see all the new features that had been added to the UK experience. We were especially looking forward to seeing the Forbidden Forest and the Hogwarts Express which were the major new additions to the tour.

We were a bit late in booking our tickets as it was already mid-December when we heard about Hogwarts in the Snow but were so happy to secure a couple of tickets for early January. This also gave us both something to look forward to when we went back to work after the Christmas and New Year break!

Hogwarts in the Snow is a special festive event where the sets are transformed and decorated with snow and Christmas ornaments, with the main features of the tour being the Great Hall which is decorated to represent the Yule Ball from the fourth film and the Hogwarts castle at the end having a magical covering of the snow.

The tour started by entering the Great Hall with the famous long tables laid for a traditional Yule tide feast. The cast members lit Christmas puddings all round the Hall which was a really special touch, to go with the beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

Making our way down to the far end of the Great Hall, we were greeted with the stage being decorated as it was for the Yule Ball in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The display was an amazing sight and definitely an area of the Hall that everyone was drawn to.

We then entered into the main area of the tour where all the different sets, costumes and locations could be viewed. There were a number of areas where additional Christmas features had been added such as the decorations in the Gryffindor Common room and the dormitory. There were even stands which cast members were demonstrating how the snow is made and the fire in the fireplaces.

When you get your tickets for the tour you are given a passport which you can use to collect stamps throughout the tour. We only managed to collect a few as were so engrossed with all the different elements that you could see. Rather than an ink stamp, these were presses which embossed the design onto the passport, requiring quite a strong arm!

One of our favourite parts that had been added to the tour was the Hogwarts Express. It is such an immersive experience walking out onto Platform 9 3/4 to see the famous train waiting at the platform. Of course we had to take some time to capture shots of us trying to push the trolleys through the platform wall (similar to in the film). Luckily for us there was a kind cast member near who was more than happy to take a few pictures of us in front of the Hogwarts Express. Being able to walk through the carriages and seeing the different props within the compartments brought back great memories of the riding the Hogwarts Express in Orlando.

Another main feature of Hogwarts in the Snow is that when you venture outside to see the Knight Bus and Privet Drive there is falling snow, which with the cold weather we experienced that evening seemed very fitting!

Hogwarts in the Snow continues until 27th January 2019, details are available from the Warner Bros Studio Tour website. If tickets are still available, I would definitely recommend a visit especially if you are a Harry Potter fan.

fleur xo

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