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Sunday, 27 June 2021

Disney Ears make the best accessory | June 2021

Disney Ears make the best accessory especially when you are in the parks and there are so many that you can collect to enable you to match them to any outfit. I have collected a number of Mickey Ears recently and the sparkly sequin ones are definitely my favourite. We are hoping to go on the Disney Staycation Cruise and fingers crossed maybe a trip to Disneyland Paris so I will be taking a selection of these with me, as well as probably increasing my collection!

Thought that I would share some of my favourite Mickey Ears as well the most recent pairs that I have purchased. 

Hollywood Tower of Terror Mickey Ears

These are new to my Mickey Ears collection and I can't wait to wear them in the Disney Parks. The Tower of Terror ride is one of my favourites and I love how the colours used on the ears match with the ride and all the other accessories that are available. The key and the tassel fit in perfectly with the ears and links the hotel theme to them. These ears are by Loungfly and they definitely deserve to be part of my collection. 

Black and Silver sequinned ears

This pair of ears is really different to the others in my collection, not only is the bow completely covered in sequins but it is extra large and also removable. The bow is clipped onto the ears which means you can remove it and have the traditional plain Mickey ears or even replace the bow with a different one. I will be on the look out to see what other bows can be added to these ears. 

Celebration Sequin Ears

These ears are really different to anything that I have in my collection but I love how the sequinned bow is so colourful. It is really different having clear plastic ears and if you look closely the sequins in the ears are a colourful combination of stars and Mickey's.

Rose Gold and Silver sequin ears

Not only are these ears completely covered in sequins but they also have a padded extra large bow. These would be perfect for a day in Magic Kingdom as definitely have Cinderella vibes and I can't wait to take these to the parks. They are based upon the traditional black ears with large padded red bow with white polka dots. 

Black and Gold Sequin Ears

These ears are vey much based upon the traditional theme by having a polka dot design but with a black and gold theme. Sequin ears are one of my favourites to have in my collection and I really like it when Disney ears have a really large bow.

Flannel Holiday Ears

These ears were part of the 2019 Christmas collection and I was so lucky that our friends, who were out in Walt Disney World at this time, were able to bring pack a pair of the ears and matching spirit jersey. I love how the ears are made of a flannel material and that then there is a sherpa fluffy bow which then carries onto the headband. We are hoping to be going to Disneyland Paris in November which should be when the Christmas decorations are out so these will definitely be coming with me then!

Belle of the Ball Disney Ears

These are based upon Beauty & the Beast and were part of the Belle of the Ball Bronze collection. I actually have the Loungefly bag that was part of this collection to match. These are very simple in the colours used but have the standard black sequin ears and then a gorgeous bronze bow. I can't wait to wear both these ears and the matching bag in the parks. 

Pastel Sequin Ears

These ears were recently released in Walt Disney World and as soon as I saw them on the ShopDisney website, I knew that I needed to add them to my collection. They are a mix of all different pastel colours including sequins and I really like how they have an almost tie dye effect on the bow. 

The Little Mermaid Coral Ears

These are an absolutely gorgeous colour and I love how the ears are covered in sequins that are almost holographic and shine all different colours. The bow is a more metallic colour but matches perfectly with the sequins on the ears. 

Millennial Pink Disney Ears

These are a gorgeous baby pink colour and covered in sequins for the ears and the bow. They are one of my favourites and am yet to wear them in a Disney park. These ears were part of the Millennial Pink collection that was released in 2018. There was a matching Spirit Jersey also released at the same time as part of the collection and I wish that I had got one of these when we were in Walt Disney world as they would have been perfect together. Anyone else like to have matching ears and spirit jerseys? 

Minnie Mouse Rainbow Ears

This pair of ears are part of the latest Price collection on ShopDisney and they are so colourful and sparkly! The gems that are on each of the ears really catch the light and I love how they match the colours of the rainbow bow. Think that these will definitely be coming with me on our Disney Staycation cruise. 

Little Mermaid Ears

These are a recent purchase that I got from a local Disney store as I had been looking for a pair of Little Mermaid themed ears. These ears are absolutely gorgeous, I really love the sequins that have been used on the ears and how they look different colours when the light shines on them. The bow is also in the shape of a shell instead of the traditional bow which really fits in with the theme for the ears. 

Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction Ears - Jungle Cruise

I was so lucky to pick up a pair of the Main Attraction Jungle Cruise ears in the sale and I absolutely love them! Not only do they have an element of sequins to them, they also have so much detail to them as well. I cannot wait to wear these in the park, they definitely have Animal Kingdom vibes and would make the perfect accessory to an outfit. 

If you want to see some of these Mickey Ears, I have previously filmed a Reel on Instagram which includes a number of the ones included above. 

Do you collect Mickey Ears for your Disney trips and are there any that you are looking to get? I have recently seen the new mint green collection from ShopDisneyUK and am really tempted on added a pair of the ears to my collection!

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