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Sunday, 15 November 2020

Glossybox - Make-up & Magic Review | November 2020

The theme for the November 2020 Glossybox is Make-up & Magic and I have definitely been looking forward to receiving this box following on from last month's sneak peak and some of the hints that I have seen. This box is focusing on glitter, shimmer and glow with all these combined together creates some magic. Unlike last month's box where there were two different themed boxes this is just one box that would be received. 

Similar to all Glossyboxes, this box again has the usual 5 products included. This products in this box seem to be mainly full size products with only one being a deluxe mini. With all Glossyboxes, you receive a variation of the box, the box that I received was variation 1. 

The product's that I received as part of November's Make-up & Magic box included:
  1. LASplash Cosmetics Magic Palette (full size)
  2. Spectrum Collections - Limited Edition B07 Brush (full size)
  3. Que Bella - Recharge & Restore Moonstone Glitter Gel Mask (full size)
  4. Generation Clay - Ultra-Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask (deluxe mini)
  5. Hask Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner (full size)
As mentioned above, four out of the five products in this month's box are full sized with only one (Clay Mask) being a deluxe mini. In total, this month's box had a retail value of £60.80, which again is great value considering the monthly subscription costs and the quality of the products received. The eye shadow palette received had a retail value of £29.00 so for it to be included in this month's box alone makes it really good value for money. 

Spectrum Collections Limited Edition B07 Brush

I am a massive fan of Spectrum Collections make-up brushes (think that the majority of the make-up brushes that I have are from Spectrum Collections). For me the quality of the brushes are amazing and I absolutely love all the different colours/themes that they bring out (especially the Disney sets). This brush received is a eye brush and will be perfect alongside the eye shadow palette received. It is a limited edition version of the brush which I believe is from the Zodiac collection. I will definitely be adding this straight away to my make-up brush collection and will be perfect for creating eye shadow looks. 

LASplash Cosmetics - Magic Palette

This palette was the sneak peak that was included in last month's product card and I just knew from then that this would be perfect for me. I love eye shadow palette's that are based on warm tone colours and especially if there are some glitters included in. This palette definitely didn't disappoint, it has three shimmer shades and 5 matte shades. Due to the combination of shades included there should be the ability to create both looks for the day time and night time. This is definitely one of the products that I am really looking forward to trying out but from the look of it I think that it will be joining my regular eye shadow palettes. 

Generation Clay - Ultra-Violet Brightening Clay Mask

This is a brightening purple clay mask which has magical properties. It states that it will transform your appearance by rejuvenating dull, tiered skin and lightening dark circles and pigmentation. The product is made in Australia and is made with Australian Davidson plum. I am loving face masks at the moment in these winter months and am definitely intrigued to try out this product as have seen many reviews of clay face masks. The product itself is a dusky violet colour and will be next in line for trying when using a face mask. 

Hask - Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner

I have had similar varieties of these products in previous Glossyboxes and I really like using them, I actually use the Hask Argan Oil serum on my hair everyday. This is a deep conditioner that will help to repair dry and damaged hair. You receive quite a large amount within the packet which I can usually get a couple of uses out of it so again it makes it really good value for money. 

Que Bella - Recharge & Restore Moonstone Glitter Gel Mask

This is the second face mask included in this month's box but it is completely different to the clay face mask in that it is a glitter gel mask and will help leave your skin feeling bright and nourished. Similar face masks from Que Bella have been included in boxes before and I haven't got on with them previously, think it is something to do with the formula of the product but I will give it another go and try this one out. 

I have really enjoyed the theme for this month's box and how all the products are linked to it. For me, the overall standout products in the box were the eye shadow palette from LA Splash and the Spectrum Collections make-up brush. I can definitely see myself using these as part of the my make-up routines. 

From looking at the clue around the December Glossybox, it seems that it is going to be focused around skin care which will be perfect seeing as we are definitely getting some colder weather where you need to take care of your skin more. 

What are your favourite products from this month's box?

Fleur xo

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