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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Glossybox - World of Beauty Review | June 2020

One of my favourite monthly treats is receiving the latest Glossybox. The theme for June's box was World of Beauty, bringing a range of products from all over the world. 

As usual you receive five products in each box and there are a number of different versions for the box that you could receive, this month my box was version number 4. 

The products that I received in June's box were:

  1. The Vintage Cosmetics Company - Makeup Removing Cloths
  2. Model Co - Liquid Metal Eyeshadow
  3. Natura - Potato & Parsley Under Eye Mask
  4. LASplash Cosmetics - Makeup brushes
  5. Huda Beauty - Life-Liner (Very Vanta)
All of the products that I received in this month's Glossybox were full sized and have a retail value of £61.94 which is such good value when you compare it to the monthly subscription plans that are available. 

The Vintage Cosmetic Company - Makeup Removing Cloths

It is great timing to receive these makeup removing cloths in my Glossybox as I have just started to transfer over to reusable makeup removing products instead of using traditional single use items. 

There were two print designs of this product that you could receive, I'm pleased to have the Zebra version. These makeup removing cloths enable you to be able to cleanse and exfoliate your skin as well as remove your makeup. They are also designed to work with water as well so no other cleansers  are needed. I am definitely looking forward to incorporating these into my daily skincare routines. 

ModelCo - Liquid Metal Eyeshadow

Fitting in with the theme of this month's box, this product is from Australia and is a creamy liquid eyeshadow which is iridescent and sparkly. The colour seems to be metallic bronze and will go perfectly with a neutrals eyeshadow look and I'll be interested to see the different looks that could be achieved with it.

Nutura - Potato & Parsley Under Eye Mask

I am loving face masks and eye masks at the moment and really looking forward to trying this one out. These eye masks are part of the new Nature collection that BeautyPro have released. It is a rejuvenating under eye mask and helps to reduce dark shadows. I usually use face/eye masks on a Sunday evening before the start of another week so this will definitely be added to the collection to use next. 

LASplash Cosmetics - Makeup brushes

This month's box included two LASplash makeup brushes which came as a set. I received a setting fluffy brush which can be used to blend and build eyeshadow colours as well as a defining angled brush which will be great for applying eyeliner. You can never have too many makeup brushes so these will be a welcome addition to my collection! 

Huda Beauty - Life-Liner (Very Vanta)

This is a dual-ended eyeliner which includes a liquid liner and a pencil liner at either end which gives you the ability to get the perfect eye look from one product. I tried this today as part of my make-up and it was so easy to use and gave such a defined look. I really liked having the two products in one and being able to mix-up the eye look that you are creating. 

I hope that if you also received this month's World of Beauty themed Glossybox that you are  enjoying the products like me. I am looking forward to July's edition, I think it may have a tropical vibe so really interested to see which products are going to be included and will look to do a review once received. 

Fleur xo

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Lockdown Activity - Doughnut Time Home Kits | June 2020

After so many weeks in Lockdown in the UK it has been hard thinking of different activities that can be done at home, especially when you are so used to going to different places and experiencing a range of activities. This has been the main area that I have struggled with especially when working from home as well as long hours.

I came across a post online which was a review of Doughnut Time home kits and thought that it would be a fun activity to try.It was so easy to order one of the home kits from the Doughnut Time website, currently there are five different home kits available on their website and we went for the David Hassel-Biscoff doughnuts which features the Lotus biscuits.

The home kits range from £11.50 to £22.00 depending on which option you go for. This home kit was £22 and came with 4 doughnuts as well as all the ingredients needed to decorate them and a useful instruction card. Delivery costs £3.95 (although it’s free when you spend over £30) which I didn’t think was too bad given that it included fresh doughnuts and you get a delivery time of 1-3 days. I received our order within the three days and absolutely loved how everything was packaged and simple instructions that were really clear. We kept ours in the fridge for a few days so that we could save them till the weekend but we didn’t find any issues with doing this.    

The instructions were really easy to follow so that you can make the same creations that can be bought in their shops. Everything that you need was included in the box from the filling to the icing as well as the biscuits for the decorations. We found that we had plenty of the ingredients to be able to create the doughnuts and could even have put more filling in them as we had some left over but that is one of the best parts when you have some icing left that needs to be finished.

Once we had finished decorating the doughnuts, of course we had to try them and they were absolutely delicious. We both really enjoyed them, the doughnuts were really light and the fillings/decorations were so tasty. I am definitely looking forward to being able to visit one of their shops in London once lockdown is over and try some of their different options.

I would definitely recommend trying out of Doughnut Time's home kits, they are really good value for all the elements that are included. We enjoyed our first home kit that we have just ordered another one to try which we are looking forward to make.

Doughnut Time are also using an Instagram hashtag (#letsgetglazed) for everyone to share their home kit decorations, check this out if you want see how enjoyable these kits are.

Fleur xo
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