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Monday, 26 October 2020

Glossybox - The Beauty Tales Review | October 2020

The October 2020 box from Glossybox is themed around Beauty Tales. For the October box there were two different variants, Enchanted Spirit and Midnight Fantasy. The box I received was  Enchanted Spirit and I absolutely loved the design and colour of the box, it is definitely one of my favourites received so far. 

This box again has the usual 5 products included and also had the addition of some Cadbury's Darkmilk chocolate to try (really enjoyed this, will definitely look to purchase some more)! With all Glossyboxes, you receive a variation of the box, unfortunately I forgot to check which one I received this month and now the box is in the recycling (will try to remember for the next review)!

The product's I received as part of October's Enchanted Beauty Tales box included:
  1. Illamasqua - Hydra Veil Primer (deluxe mini)
  2. Bubble T Cosmetics Ltd - Fairy Dust Foaming Bath Powder (full size)
  3. Luna By Lune - Pixie Lipstick (full size)
  4. Eyesential - Under Eye Enhancer (deluxe mini)
  5. The Beauty Crop - Stargazing Blush Duo (full size)
Three out of the five products received where full sized, with two of the items being deluxe mini's and as indicated above. In total (including the deluxe mini's this box had a retail value of £56.99, which is great value considering monthly subscription cost and the quality of the products. One issue to point out which I have seen raised quite a lot with this month's box is that my deluxe mini of the Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer was completely empty so have been unable to try this out. I have raised this directly with Glossybox but have not received an update on this in terms of replacing the item. 

Eyesential - Under Eye Enhancer

This was a deluxe mini version of the product that was part of the box that I received and is meant to help erase the dark circles, puffiness and fine lines under our eyes for up to 10 hours. As I mentioned above, unfortunately this product was actually empty so have been unable to test it out. 

Bubble T Cosmetics Ltd - Fairy Dust Foaming Power

This full size version of the product fits in perfectly with the theme of the box and love how it has been referred to as fairy dust. This will be perfect now that the nights have started to get darker and colder and I tend to have more baths in the evenings after a day of working. I'm a big fan of having lavender scented bath products to help me relax and unwind, so this will definitely be included as part of my next bath routine.

The Beauty Crop - Stargazing Blush Duo

This full sized product includes a duo of blushes with one being slightly more shimmery and the other being more of a matte finish. I really like how the two blushes included are different colours which should mean that they would work with a lot of skin tones. These look to be perfect for me and I will definitely be trying these out as part of the make-up products. I am really enjoying how each of the products included in the box this month links back to the main theme of the box. 

Luna by Luna - Pixie Lipstick

From reading the product card, I think this is the same colour that appears in all boxes (usually it would indicate if there were different shades that could be received). For me this isn't a colour that I would usually pick out as I tend to go for more neutral colours for lipsticks. Saying the I will definitely look to give this a try as the formula looks really nice and intrigued to see how the colour comes out. 

Illamasqua - Hyrdra Veil Product

I am definitely looking forward to adding this product to my make-up route, using a primer before my make-up is definitely something that I always do so this will definitely be tried out. This primer is meant to be part hydrator and part primer and should smooth the skin which will make it perfect for applying foundation. The pot that you receive is quite small but I guess that you only need to use a small amount each time. This was a deluxe mini that I received, the recommended retail price of the full sized version is £34.00 which is quite expensive for a primer so I will be interested in seeing how long this mini version lasts. 

The theming for this months box was really pretty and I liked how for the majority of all the products there was a link back to the overall theme. It was a shame that I had an issue with one of the products but overall the quality of the products received was really good. From having a look at the clue's around November's box, this seems be based around the magic of make-up and will include an eyeshadow palette. Fingers crossed that I receive a similar colour of eyeshadow palette to the one shown as this will be perfect colours for me. 

Fleur xo
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